Suit up. We're going back to the Moon and on to Mars

Commercial space flight is opening the universe to all of humanity, and ILC Dover has the proven spacesuit technology to protect the explorers who will travel beyond earth and go to space.

“We’re not waiting for the future of space flight to come to us.
We’re already in 2030.”

– Patty Stoll, Vice President & Division Manager, Space Systems, ILC Dover

ilc dover boot print on the surface of the moon

Anyone can try to make a spacesuit.
Only ours have been to the Moon.

Since the dawn of Apollo, our spacesuits have been worn for more than 250 space flights, six moon landings and over 3,000 hours of spacewalks without a single failure.

It’s a record unmatched by any other spacesuit company in the universe.

Now it’s your turn.

Meet your spacesuit

Space travel: Our suits are ready when you are

Keeping humans safe during space flight and exploration is just the start.
Our spacesuits are designed around:

+ Comfort and ease of use
+ Functionality
+ Adaptability to different size wearers
+ Simplified stowage and maintenance
+ Using the latest advancements in technology

Meet Astro™ – Our EVA spacesuitMeet Sol™ – Our LEA spacesuit


Our EVA Spacesuit

EVA (Extravehicular Activity) suits protect astronauts when outside the spacecraft: floating in space or walking on extraterrestrial surfaces.

Astro™ is engineered for:


Maximum mobility in zero and low-gravity


Protection against micrometeoroids and radiation, comfort in the vacuum and extreme temperatures of space


Easy to don and doff, full dexterity to reliably perform multiple missions


Modular sizing to fit everyone


Our LEA Spacesuit

LEA (Launch, Entry and Abort) suits protect travelers during the critical mission stages of traveling into space and returning – including re-entry into earth’s atmosphere – and in case of an emergency.

Sol™ is engineered for:


Comfort during the forces of launch and re-entry


Maximum mobility to operate, enter and exit spacecraft 


Protection in case of spacecraft depressurization or fire


Safety and ease of rescue in the event of a launch abort or water landing

Beyond Boundaries.
It’s not just our motto; it’s how we think every day. It’s the secret to our leadership in space systems and in all other divisions, and it puts us on the same wavelength with the pioneers of commercial space travel.”

– Fran DiNuzzo, CEO, ILC Dover

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